Welcome to our blog. We are the Rawhousers (Reed, Rebekah, Lina, Cainan, and Paxton). We spent 10 years as an urban family in Chicago, and have decided to take a year off from conventional life to become a full time RVing Family. This blog is to document our journey for ourselves and anyone else that wishes to live vicariously!

This is the time in our life to do something crazy. We’ve been living in Chicago for 10 years, are done having kids (Lord willing), Reed is not tied down to a job, Rebekah is ready for a change, we were going to switch schools and neighborhoods anyway, and the kids are still young (but out of diapers…). Still with us? Good.

The catalyst for this adventure was two-fold:

  1. We moved to a new neighborhood last year and it ended up being a very hard year  – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  2. Reed decided to close down his business in February.

The idea was conceived over text messages between a depressed Reed and Rebekah trying to figure out what to do next. The thought of committing to a new spot in the city that didn’t feel like “home” was unbearable. At first it was a crazy idea, but then the pieces started falling into place. In May 2017 we made it official, buying an RV (the Tour Bus).

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The Kids

Lina (8) – “Sometimes I don’t get called on all day at school. When I am homeschooled I will get to answer all of the questions.”

Cainan (5) – “Jesus taught me how to make friends at the playground…He said you just tell them your name and ask for theirs.” (Rebekah, “Oh, were you playing with a boy named Jesus?”) “No – God!”

Paxton (3) – “I don’t like it when Dad tickles me. But you know Dad…he’s weird.”



This is my breakout year. After 8 years of being the life and breath of my children, I am moving to the next stage. I can once again pursue the passions that I had previously set aside for my family.

I am a classically trained mezzo-soprano and DONA trained birth doula. Our RV is called ‘The Tour Bus” for me. We’ll be traveling to auditions and shows as we cross the country.

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I am not risk averse, but rather more risk tolerant than most. I have no problem switching careers, starting companies – and well – putting my family of 5 in a moving house for a year.

What I love more than anything else is to solve problems. From getting a degree in math to finding the best way to change a diaper. It’s the process that is fun.

You can find me on reedrawhouser.com, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


 The Tour Bus

She’s a 2007 Damon Daybreak 3276. Coming in at 35 ft 4 in and a shade over 8 tons this beast is our home. We did our research and looked at a bunch of RVs to find the right fit for our family. If you are looking for a bunkhouse under $50k – this is your choice. Lina sleeps in the back, boys in the bunkhouse and parents on the pullout sofa (really not much smaller than our Chicago condo…).