Here Goes Nothing…Chasing Dreams

Mom. For the past 9 years, that’s been nearly my sole identity. Being the center of someone’s whole world – being the source of their very life – forever alters who you are and how you view yourself. It is the hardest, best, most important thing I’ve ever achieved in life. But it’s not my sole ambition. And when you suddenly find yourself rejoining society in a “non-Mom” role, it can be a rather shocking adjustment.

Die Fledermaus with Music Theater Works (formerly Light Opera Works) Rebekah can be spotted on the far right side!

Chasing Dreams

Before last winter, I thought that singing and acting professionally was a dream I had to let go. I had accepted it (perhaps more buried the desires and hopes). Then, I unexpectedly re-entered the world of performing. Through what could only have been divine orchestration, I joined the cast of Die Fledermaus with Music Theater Works just before rehearsals began. Being in that show ignited a burning desire to learn and relearn music, be part of more productions, and connect more with the theater world. I began to do everything I could to make up for lost time: voice lessons, dance lessons, auditions, going to operas and musicals, and reworking my repertoire.

Performing on the Road?

When we made our plans for the coming year, I knew two things. First, I could not and would not lose the progress I had made in the past seven months. Second, this could potentially open up a world (or country, rather) of opportunities to make art. Being that I am incredibly blessed with a husband who loves and encourages me in my passions, he was all for supporting me in pressing forward. So, I began trying to research theaters all along our route. *Cue head explosion* It has been a very tedious process, but I have accumulated a list of theaters and auditions to keep my eye on throughout the year. And I am constantly stumbling across more to add to the list.


Part of my frustration has been finding shows I would absolutely love to be part of, but not being able to make the auditions by a long shot. Fortunately, many theater companies accept video auditions. As of Monday, I submitted recordings, along with my headshot and resume, for the first show I hope to be part of on the road! I was pleased to receive positive feedback, and am hopefully awaiting word of casting. Since I am working on putting myself out there with confidence, here are the two videos I sent in: I Don’t Need A Roof from Big Fish, and a cut of I Don’t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar (the show for which the auditions were being held).

My next step is to create an artist website for myself, along with a Facebook page. Here’s hoping I’ll soon have more content to add to it!

I’d love to connect with any fellow artists around the country who may be reading this! Leave a comment below and we can get in touch.

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