Lessons Learned

Month 2 Recap – Enjoying the Journey

Wow, we sucked at blog updates this month. I guess we’ve felt a little uninspired to write. We haven’t moved for the past five weeks, Rebekah has been rehearsing 5 days a week, and I have been working out of a co-working spot daily. It actually feels like normal life. Both of us have felt the pull to travel, but we are learning how to enjoy the journey.

Enjoying the Journey

I don’t remember what prompted the thought, but as I was sitting in church on Sunday I thought about enjoying the journey. One of the books I read recently (which I highly recommend – Scrum) talked about how the journey is more memorable than the finish. Two of the examples were climbing Everest and winning the Super Bowl. When people reflect on those accomplishments they recount and revel in the journey, not the summit or the hoisting of the Lombardi trophy.

The funny part about my realization in the middle of the church service was that 5 minutes later Rebekah got a text that our awning ripped off. So I had the chance to put my realization into practice. We left church a little bit early and headed back to the RV. The awning was broken enough that I needed to remove it completely. I think I kept my cool even though I gashed my hand in the process. We were able to take the awning down and continue on with the day. If we chose not to take it in stride Paxton might not have taught himself to ride his bike without training wheels.

Things Break in an RV – Often

It seems that every week something goes wrong with the RV. That is part of the journey when you step out into the unknown. Neither of us are handy types. So everything that goes wrong is a new learning experience. The windshield pops away from the frame whenever we try to manually level on a left-right grade (fortunately if we auto level it corrects itself). I keep breaking parts of our mirror. The driver side blind spot mirror fell out on the way to D.C. recently. The black water flush needed to be fixed, the awning messed up the antenna, our pull out bed is just uncomfortable enough to affect our sleep, and so on. I really just wish one of these issues was covered by our warranty…

But I know that when I look back on the trip I am going to remember the mishaps and trials more fondly than the final mileage total and route.

Miles Driven

1,900 miles – getting close to our first oil change.

Packer Games Attended

1 – Cainan literally cried because he was so excited to go to a game.

Sounds of Freedom

1 thousand and ‘Merica – the affectionate term for fighter jets flying over your RV at 3am.



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