Flip Flops Everyday, ✅ – Goals Review Time

One of the places I wanted be sure to visit on this adventure of ours was Edisto Beach. Partly because it is close to where my aunt lives, partly because it is a nice beach with an RV park, but mostly because my favorite Packers reporter (Vic Ketchman) had retired there. I thought it would be cool to bump into him, however unlikely. We weren’t able to get a spot at the RV park there, but turns out my aunt’s favorite beach is Edisto, so on Sunday we went there to hang out for the afternoon. After the kids played in the water a bit, we decided to stroll down the beach. And who do I see walking toward me but Vic. I awkwardly introduced myself and babbled some nonsense. Vic graciously obliged to a photo request, and we went our separate ways. It was probably a bit annoying for him, but it was something I won’t forget.

Vic might be partly responsible for this adventure. If any of you have seen me watch Packer games, I can get a little intense. Vic preached perspective in his columns. He reminded us that it was a game and a form of entertainment. After reading his column for a couple years I began to calm down (not completely, but I am sad for a shorter period of time after the Packers lose now). A lot of the goals we set for the year deal with a healthy perspective on life, and I thank Vic for helping me with that.

Goals Review

1. Wear flip-flops everyday

So far we have had to turn the heat on in the RV overnight a handful of times, and only one day have I worn pants. But yes, I have worn flip flops everyday. Our plan of staying warm all year is working. For a guy who has lived in the Midwest his whole life, it still feels like summer in November. And if you are in the market for some sandals – I highly recommend Rainbows.

2. Beaches and Cities

I think we are doing pretty well splitting our time between cities and beach towns ( and I am doing a pretty good job of becoming a beach bum…)

Cities: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Hampton Roads Area, Charlottesville, Charleston, Savannah, and Atlanta

Beaches: Virginia Beach, Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, Kiawah Beach, Edisto Beach

3. Simplify, grow closer as a family

We blogged about how we severely cut down on material possessions in order to move into the RV, but we are finding that we still have too much stuff. I’d say about half of what we brought along has been used once, or not at all. We also spend a lot more time together between homeschooling, me working from home, and not having anyone else to hang out with on a consistent bases.

4. Rebekah builds her performing resume in a big way

Rebekah was the female lead in Jesus Christ Superstar (she was the star of the show in my opinion) in Norfolk. She has also gone to a couple auditions since then and gotten a callback from which she is waiting to hear back. She is looking forward to what lies ahead.

5. Freedom – we want to feel free to move where we want, when we want

For the first time, I made reservations at RV parks for the next couple months. That is mostly because of the holidays and family visiting. Generally, we try to stay a week somewhere and see if we want to stay longer. If we feel like city life, we go to a city. If we want to be on the beach, we find an RV park on the beach.

6. Explore churches across America.

So far, churches have been pretty similar. We need to start exploring more outside of the standard non-denominational churches. It is funny to watch the number of churches grow as we move farther South. Seems to be 4 baptist or Methodist churches every block.

7. Taking more time to unplug, learn, be creative

The beach and ocean have helped. I find myself on the beach relaxing or surfing (well, trying to surf) whenever I have a chance. Rebekah and the kids are spending more time outside, exploring cities, or collecting seashells (a lot of seashells).

8. No chain food restaurants

Minus travel days (when our fridge isn’t stocked and truck stops only have Arby’s…) and the occasional Chik-fil-a, we are doing pretty good with this goal. We try to explore the local food in every city we visit. From seafood to barbecue to southern cooking, we are enjoying what each place does best.


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