Goals This Year - Flip Flops Family LIfe

Flip Flops Everyday…and Other Goals This Year

When you set off on an adventure, it’s natural to set some goals. While our ultimate goal is to be flexible, here are our goals this year.

Goals This Year:

Goals This Year - Warm Weather

1. Wear flip-flops everyday

Winter in Chicago is not kind, especially to those of us with little ones to suit up every single time you venture out the door. The notion of skipping winter this year really called to us. Not to mention, outdoing my previous flip-flop wearing streak which earned a shoutout from Vic Ketchman.

Goals This Year - Beaches and Cities

2. Beaches and Cities

One of the best parts about summer in Chicago is going to the beaches of Lake Michigan. While we will miss summer in Chicago, nothing beats the calming effect of real ocean waves (and supposedly the water actually warms up before August). Being an urban family, we want to explore other cities along the way. We will be flat towing our Honda Pilot behind the Tour Bus so that we can take excursions in the tighter, busier streets of metropolises along the way.

Goals This Year - Simplify

3. Simplify, grow closer as a family

We are aware that there will be challenges to living life in 350 sq. ft. However, we have been blessed in that we typically like each other. We lived in a 800 sq. ft. condo with 3 kids, so we don’t think this is as huge a stretch as it might be for some. We have put a lot of thought into how each of us can have our own dedicated space. No doubt this will be a refining experience. But we have always held and taught to the children the value of serving one another as paramount.

Before setting off on our adventure, we have purged so many belongings. While we did pack away a few boxes of our most sentimental items, we have either given away or sold the majority of our things. We already feel a bit lighter, less bogged down. The kids each were given one large bin to fill with their choice of toys. Honestly, they haven’t missed any of the what feels like bajillions of toys we got rid of. It’s freeing.

Goals This Year - Rebekah Performing
Photo Credit – Brett Beiner
4. Rebekah builds her performing resume in a big way

Hopes and dreams, people. Courage. Putting yourself out there. Exhilarating. Terrifying. Sure, Rebekah didn’t take the typical road a singer/actor does these days (Masters, Young Artist Programs, etc), but she is determined that won’t stop her from experiencing different stages and bright lights around the country. And hopefully, she will add some big roles to her resume.

Goals This Year - Freedom

5. Freedom – we want to feel free to move where we want, when we want

One of the disadvantages of starting a family young is a lack of discretionary income in your 20s. We didn’t travel and explore like the normal 20 something. We’ve also been tied to the school schedule for 7 of our 10 years in Chicago. We want the freedom to move, explore, and make random choices. We have a route laid out, but as long as we are warm – who cares.

Goals This Year - Explore Churches

6. Explore churches across America.

The past couple years, culminating in the presidential election, have rattled our personal faiths and our views of the American Christian church. We look forward to visiting churches of different denominations, styles of worship, and theology. Our hope is to rebuild our faith with Jesus and the Bible at the center. We want to divorce ourselves from the politicized Christianity that holds American values as supreme. And to find true expressions of Jesus spread throughout our country.

Goals This Year - Creativity

7. Taking more time to unplug, learn, be creative

When I was a kid I used to make complain because my Mom and sister walked too fast. Now they can’t keep up with me. Life in a big city accelerates everything. It is time for us to slow down and unplug. This won’t be easy. From Netflix to the startup life to facebook, our lives are plugged in and fast. Rebekah and I want to spend more time with the kids being creative, with each other away from a screen, and with cities without the pressure to move.

Goals This Year - No Chain Food

8. No chain food restaurants

If there is one thing that Chicago teaches you, it is about food. You can get almost any type or ethnicity of food. We have grown to dislike the taste of chain food restaurants and love exploring local and hole in the wall spots. Please help us out with recommendations along the way.

We’ll come back to these goals along the way and see how we are doing.

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