Leaving Again – Reflections on Virginia Beach

It’s been a week since we drove away from our Virginia Beach home of 9 weeks, but somehow it feels much longer. Maybe that is because of the wonderful friendships we never could have anticipated forming in such a short time. The pieces of the puzzle that resulted in the perfect time and place for our family to be in the exact spot we landed in would probably seem like happenstance to most people, but I know different. It was part of a bigger and better plan than we could have come up with ourselves.

Leaving Again – Theatre Friends

I found The Little Theatre of Norfolk’s website back in May, and seeing that Jesus Christ Superstar was the season opener, made a point to continually check back for audition info updates. I was hoping that the timing would make it possible to somehow make a quick trip out to audition. When the dates were announced, however, they were taking place when I was on call 24/7 for a birth client, and I was not about to take any sort of trip! Rather than throw in the towel, I decided to put myself out there and send recorded materials, and then hope and pray they would consider me. I didn’t know who was on the receiving end of my email or how they would react. Often times, community theatres can be very closed off to outsiders – so for all I knew, they might scoff at my audacity to think I could insert myself in their world as a complete stranger. I was blown away by the exact opposite reaction – I was warmly welcomed by every single cast, crew, and production member. They allowed me into their family, and I am so grateful and humbled. I was guided and encouraged and grew as an actor.

Leaving Again – Family Friends

Now, knowing that we would be in VA for an extended period of time, we had to find a campground that would allow a longer stay (without completely breaking the bank). It came down to two campgrounds that were right across from each other in Virginia Beach. Reed reached out on a Full Time RVers Facebook page to ask if anyone had any personal experience with either. Right away, a woman responded that she and her family were currently living at one of the campgrounds and offered to help with details, send pictures, etc. I began messaging with her and we learned that our boys were the same ages as her boys. We finally got hold of the right person at the campground to find out if we could get a spot in the extended stay section, and we moved in the next day! We soon got to know our new neighbors, and there was another family right next to us who also had three kids, and we had this awesome community of friends in no time. The kids would stalk each other’s RVs and beg to go outside and play if they “saw feet”, and us moms would hang out and talk. We were each very different, but we supported and helped each other, and there was no mom judgment amongst us – not to mention we had a lot of fun. We had all arrived there within a week of each other, and not long after we left, others would be moving on as well. We were all there just at the right moment in time.

Leaving Again – New Adventures

We are starting to realize that, while this lifestyle offers so much in the way of invaluable experiences, learning, and growth, we will also be leaving pieces of our hearts in many of the places we will go.That is going to be very hard, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

To all of our friends in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area – thank you!


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