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Month 1 Recap – Settling In

Normalcy – well, almost (and too much normalcy would defeat the purpose of this trip). The kids are finally closing the door when they go in and out. We have rearranged our storage to access what we actually use on a daily basis. Rebekah and I found a comfortable way to sleep a couple days ago. Month 1 seems to have been a success.

Month 1 Recap

The month really breaks down into two categories – Virginia Beach and not Virginia Beach. The first half of the month was not Virginia Beach. We’ve already blogged about most of that time, but the week spent in New York was awesome. And taking the boys to the ocean for the first time in Delaware was well worth the traffic. There were enough memorable moments to make this worth it.

After the beach in Delaware we headed to Norfolk for Rebekah’s show. Turns out Norfolk is part of 5 cities that make up the Hampton Roads area. It also seems that half the area is a military base of some kind. After a couple of nights in Hampton we grabbed a spot at the KOA in Virginia Beach. We are now experiencing the other side of RVing. We are in the extended stay area of the campground. Most of the people around call their spot home. There seems to be 3 different types of RVers; vacationers, full time travelers, and full time stayers. We are definitely full time travelers (I am getting the itch to go somewhere new already), but staying for a couple months in one place is great for the kids.

One difficult part about moving from place to place is friendship. And it is hardest for Lina. She thrives around people and with friends.  At this campground there are daily activities and other families close by. Lina, Cainan, and Paxton have made friends and play with other kids daily. We currently have what we call the triangle trifecta – our rig, along with two other families across from us, form a triangle of families with 8 kids between us. They all stalk the others to see when people are outside so they can play. Today, Lina said, “Everyday is like a playdate.” That’s her idea of perfection.

Miles Driven

1,500 – The cost I didn’t factor in with driving that many miles is tolls. We’ve spent $260 on tolls so far.

Urban Areas and Beaches Visited 

Urban Areas – Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NYC

Beaches – Delaware Seashore (which is surprisingly nice) and Virginia Beach

Marshmallows Eaten

2 bags worth – So one of the side effects of living in an RV is constantly feeling like you are camping. So, somehow the kids convinced us to do s’mores and now it is a thing. We are going to have to slowly ween off of that one.

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