The Route Cities

The Route (Subject to Change without Notice)

The night Rebekah and I talked about this trip, I built this route. We talked about traveling the country, looked a little at RVs, and fantasized about laying on the beach. She went to bed. I didn’t. I couldn’t sleep until I plotted the course. When I finished – probably after midnight – I woke her up and showed her my google doc of cities. She wasn’t thrilled I woke her up, but in the morning she came around. If Rebekah lands a role in a show, we find a place we like, or friends convince us to stray we’ll change course – the dates are subject to change without notice.

The middle of America is pretty vacant from our route. We’ve lived in the Midwest most of our lives and are ready to see new sites.

Use the form at the end of the blog to persuade us to stop at your home or favorite city.

The Route

The Route

Madison, WI Now This is where the journey begins. We moved all our extra belongings into my parent’s house. Multiple updates and renos to the RV.
Chicago, IL TBD We’ll stop on our way out, pull up to a park in RP, and throw a going away party.
Pittsburgh, PA July 17-21 Every summer Rebekah and her Mom travel with the kids to Pittsburgh to visit family. We’ll keep the tradition and make it our first real stop.
Buffalo, NY July 24-28 Real Buffalo Wings and Niagara Falls. None of us have been to Niagra Falls or eaten genuine wings.
Toronto July 31 – Aug 3 Our first stop North of the border, eh. We hear Toronto is a beautiful city.
Montreal Aug 7-11 We wanted to see French Canada even though we don’t speak French.
Portland, ME Aug 14-18 Lobster and the Atlantic in Summer.
Boston, MA Aug 21-25 Visit some friends and give the kids some history lessons.
New York City Aug 28- Sept 8 The other truly urban city in America. See some shows and friends, visit my coworkers, and ride public transportation.
Philadelphia, PA Sept 11-15 Philly cheesesteaks, the Rocky statue, and more history.
Baltimore, MD Sept 18-22 I know very little about Baltimore, but the coast is supposed to be pretty.
Washington DC Sept 25-29 Take the kids around the usual spots.
Charlottesville, VA Oct 2-13 We’ll spend some time catching up with friends and slowing down as we enter the South.
Nags Head, NC Oct 16-20 Rebekah’s grandparents used to own a beach house here, and the OBX hold many memories.
Myrtle Beach, SC Oct 23-27 More beach and sand.
Summerville, SC Oct 30 – Nov 3 Visit my Vikings loving Aunt (she’ll love our RV…).
Savannah, GA Nov 6-10 The first true Southern city on our list. Full of charm.
Jacksonville, FL Nov 13-17 Start our trek through Florida and maybe see a Jaguars game for cheap.
Orlando, FL Nov 20 – Dec 1 Disney World, Universal Studios, etc. Not my favorite, but the rest of the family is excited. (*Wifely interjection* Star Wars?? Harry Potter?? What’s not to love?!)
Miami, FL Dec 4-15 Bienvenidos a Miami. We’ve never been to South Beach, but it sounds good in the middle of winter.
Tampa, FL Dec 18-22 We’ll check out the gulf side of Florida.
Gainesville, FL Dec 25-29 Last stop in Florida. A trip to The Swamp is in order.
Mobile, AL Jan 1-5 Some more southern charm on the gulf.
New Orleans, LA Jan 8-19 I don’t think one needs to explain the desire to see New Orleans.
Houston, TX Jan 22-26 The kids haven’t visited the Houston family and Rebekah’s cousin is having twins.
Corpus Christi, TX Jan 29 РFeb 2 Trying to get as south as we can. More beach in the middle of winter.
San Antonio, TX Feb 5-16 The riverwalk, the Alamo, and probably a stay in Austin. Rebekah might volunteer to drive – knowing her we’ll end up in Waco for a Magnolia fix.
El Paso, TX Feb 19-23 Birthplace of my Dad and a taste of West Texas.
Albuquerque, NM Feb 26 – Mar 2 Rebekah spent her middle school years here. Take the tram up the Sandia Mountains.
Phoenix, AZ Mar 5-9 Take some time to visit the desert.
San Diego, CA Mar 12-16 The first stop on West Coast.
Los Angeles, CA Mar 19-30 We have a lot of friends that have moved to LA. Also, it’s L.A.
San Francisco, CA Apr 2-13 Uh, I work for a startup, have another of my own in the works. It is inevitable.
Napa Valley, CA Apr 16-27 Wine.
Lake Tahoe, CA Apr 30 – May 4 Depending on the weather we will check out the lake and the mountains.
Portland, OR May 4-11 Dreaming of the ’90’s…the 1890’s.
Seattle, WA May 14-25 Coffee and the toast of the Pacific Northwest.
Vancouver May 28 – Jun 1 Our second venture into Canada. Our knowledge of Vancouver revolves around the show Continuum.
Calgary Jun 4 – Jun 8 Travel across some of Western Canada.
Yellowstone Jun 11-15 Spend some time at the greatest National Park in America.
Salt Lake City, UT Jun 18-22 Experience some inland salt water and Utah.
Denver, CO Jun 25 – July 6 We have a lot of friends in Denver area too. Mountains, ultimate, and friends.
Mount Rushmore Jul 9-13 Show our kids some huge faces of presidents.
Lincoln, NE Jul 16-20 Rebekah’s parents (Grandma and Granddad) live here. Also our proud Alma Mater.

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