Lessons Learned

Driving Slow and Other Things Learned on Day 1

We left my parents house on Saturday morning, 7/8/2017, at 10am. Rebekah’s doula client gave birth early and we scrambled to finish up our preparations. We picked up our car from the mechanic and took off. Our adventure has officially begun.

Things Learned on Day 1

1. Flat towing is awesome
We are flat towing a Honda Pilot behind the Tour Bus. The first time we towed it was Saturday morning. I was really nervous about how it would work. It is awesome. The car tracks behind the RV – barely have to turn wider than usual. It doesn’t feel like you are towing a 4,500 lb car.

2. A new respect for truckers
Cars are jerks to big vehicles. It is hard to drive a 50 foot rig. It is even harder to stop. People cut off big vehicles, don’t create space when needed, and get angry when they aren’t going fast enough. Truckers do a really good job driving in a car world.

3. Ohio has narrow toll booths
I knocked my mirror on a pole. Fortunately nothing broke. I am pretty good with the width of cars from driving in the city, but still learning the width of the Tour Bus. Heads up if you are driving through Ohio.

4. Hydraulic jacks have a circuit breaker
We got to our friend’s house in Ohio on Sunday morning. I pulled into their driveway and began the leveling process. All of a sudden, the hydraulic leveling jacks stopped working. The jacks were down so we couldn’t drive or level it. First freak out moment. After a couple hours of googling and staring at the hydraulic system I found the circuit breaker. It was tripped. First feeling of relief that I didn’t have to call a mechanic.

5. A gratitude for tree trimmers
The Tour Bus is 12 feet tall. One low tree branch could rip off our AC units. I never noticed how perfectly manicured trees are along streets. From Chicago to rural Slippery Rock trees are trimmed perfectly for trucks and RVs. Thank you, tree trimmers.

6. It is nice being the slowest car on the road
I don’t usually drive slow – just fast enough not to get pulled over. But we can’t go over 65 mph when towing our car and can’t accelerate very fast. So I set the cruise at 61 mph and hopped in the right lane. It is actually really nice to be the slowest. You never have to change lanes or speed. Everyone just passes you up. The only thing to worry about is merging cars.

I still have a lot to learn about this full time RV lifestyle…but it is going to be fun.

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