From Urban Life to RV Life – Our Timeline

It was mid January of this year and one of my employees asked to grab a cup of coffee with me. That is rarely a good thing. He said he was putting in his two weeks notice. I knew once the words left his mouth that we were going to have to shut down the company. This was one of many struggles we had gone through in the previous couple months. I discussed our options with my business partner and we agreed that it was time to move on. As terrible as shutting down your company is (emotional, psychological, financially, etc.), it opened up the chance to take this adventure.

Urban Life to RV Life


First RV Life Discussion

Rebekah and I were texting about what to do with our lives when the idea of traveling came up. One thing led to another and the idea of traveling the country in an RV for a year was born.

Get Serious and Talk to the Kids

We realized there was nothing tying us down to Chicago. We knew that for RV life to be a legitimate option we needed the kids to be onboard. So we sat them down and explained the idea. They loved it.

Start Looking for a Remote Job

Living an urban life in Chicago isn’t cheap, but neither is traveling the country in an RV. I needed a way to make money while on the road. Fortunately I am in the tech and startup world, so remote jobs are more plentiful.

Begin the Search for an RV

There are a few types of RVs – Class A, Class B, Class C, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. After researching the options we decided a Class A Bunkhouse would be best. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of those on the market. We scoured Craigslist, RV sites, and dealers for options.

Making The Tour Bus Ours

2007 Damon Daybreak 3276, a 35 foot 4 inch class A bunkhouse. We pictured it as home and liked it. After some negotiation with Chris at I94RV we got a price we were happy with and made the plunge. That is when it got real – driving away with The Tour Bus.

Take, Keep, Sell, Donate, Trash

It was time to start downsizing. We went room by room through our apartment categorizing our stuff as take with us, keep and store, sell on Craigslist, donate, and throw away. I love doing this, Rebekah usually doesn’t. But we both found the process very freeing and enjoyable.

Accept an Offer for a Remote Job

Our apartment lease was up at the end of June. The last piece of the puzzle was a remote job. I was offered a good position just a few days before we moved out. The timing, job, and company were perfect.

Pack, Load, and Prepare the RV

All of our belongings needed to be packed into bins, drawers, under seat storage, etc. We tore out, built, and replaced the items to fit a family of 5 in 350 square feet. We also had to get our car outfitted to be flat towed.

Hitch up the Car and Take Off

We were able to leave a week earlier than expected so we hustled to finish packing, spent one night in the RV at my parents, picked up our car from the mechanic, and hit the road.

We were very fortunate to have multiple things line up to let us transition from urban life to RV life so quickly. We might have pushed it too fast the week before we left, but we are doing fine now. It doesn’t take years to plan something like this. You can do it in months with some research and planning. Also helpful is the willingness to take risks…



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