Week 1 Recap – The Adjustment Phase

Wow, that was quite a week. I guess it is hard to anticipate the unknown. A lot of things have been harder than we thought. And there is a ton we have to learn about living in an RV. Everything from how often we need to dump our tanks to creating space for Lina to be an 8 year old. But we did get a glimpse of what we hope this lifestyle will lend itself to.

Week 1 Recap

We probably left a week earlier than we should have. But with Rebekah’s show approaching, we wanted to get on the road as quickly as possible. We left my parents’ house and headed into Chicago for our going away party (thanks to everyone who came – it was great to see you all one last time). Then we headed out to Findlay, Ohio to see some old friends. We didn’t make it there for the night, and spent our first night in the RV together boondocking at Walmart.

After spending some time with our friends, we headed to Slippery Rock, PA to visit some of Rebekah’s family. We set up shop in their front yard. I got to use my sweet sit-stand desk to work, and the kids got a lot of outdoors time. We took an unexpected detour into Pittsburgh to get our windshield repaired (the people at Auto Glass Now are awesome, went out of their way to help us – thank you so much). On the way, I busted the passenger side mirror on a telephone pole that was leaning into the road. While going to get a part for the repairs, we were rear ended in our car (no damage). That was not a great day. From there, we set off to Philadelphia to see some historical sights and eat a cheese steak. We then rolled into Jersey City, parked the RV, and headed to a hotel room just outside Times Square.

Miles driven

1,150 – That is about $375 in gas and $150 in tolls.

Urban Areas Explored

4 – Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Jersey City/NYC.

RV Repairs

3 – Blown hydraulic jack breaker (glad that was an easy fix), resealed windshield, and broken mirrors (this needs a permanent fix down the line).

Tempers Lost

Infinite – With so much to learn, the fast pace, money spent on repairs, and just having young kids we are struggling to keep it together. The adjustment phase is just getting started…But we did have a great family day in Philly exploring and making our first homemade dinner in the Tour Bus. We enjoyed each other’s company as we ate picnic style outside, told stories, and roasted marshmallows on the grill. Looking forward to more days like that as we get more experience under our belt.



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