What Got Me Teared Up (In a Good Way)

We shared our goals for this year, talked about why we are living on the road, and I wrote about how this year is not about me. But those were all written before we left. If you read last week’s post, you know it was a pretty rough time (TL;DR we don’t know anything about RVing, yelling at children, and breaking RV parts.) While this week had its challenges too, I had a glimpse of why I will never regret this choice. And I really think you should take your family on the road, too.

A Week of Urban RVing

We spent most of last week in NYC. There is a pretty amazing RV park across the river in Jersey City. It was only a 20 min subway or ferry ride into Manhattan. This was the first time visiting for all of us. Our friend (thanks Jerry) got us a hotel room close to Times Square for 3 nights because we could only get a dry spot (no electricity or water) for the first part of our stay. The hotel room allowed Rebekah to take the kids around to see the sights and was only a 10 minute walk from Reply’s New York office. We spent one night in the RV without hookups and a generator that kept overheating, but the rest of the nights at the RV park were great. New York is crowded and stressful at times, but it is on our list of places to live next.

Emotions – The Good Kind

On Friday, Rebekah won two tickets in the Aladdin lottery. She decided to take Lina with her to see the show (she loved it). That left me to take the boys back to the RV on the ferry. This is where I get emotional. It was a perfect summer night with blue skies and the sun setting on the Manhattan skyline. I looked over, and Paxton was leaning against the window watching the buildings pass by. Cainan had his hand on my lap, and all was peaceful. That was a moment I will remember forever. The curiosity of a 3 year old, the tenderheartedness of a 5 year old, and the beauty of the Manhattan skyline. Without this trip, that moment would not have happened. How many more moments like that will happen?

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