What This Year Is All About

Route Change #1

We already have a significant route change before we even have the RV ready to roll. Rebekah landed the female principal role (Mary Magdalene) in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar in Norfolk, VA. Which is awesome. She was really excited about the possibility of getting the role. She will blog about the details shortly, but we will be cutting our tour of the Northeast very short. Once we leave, we’ll figure out where we can and can’t go.

What This Year Is All About

Two of our blog posts have centered around goals and dreams for the year. Looking back over these posts I realized what this year is all about – not me. The past 10 years have pretty much been about my activities, where I wanted to live, and my career. I wanted live in Chicago. I tried to move us to Istanbul. I changed my careers multiple times and started a business. I made time in our schedule for ultimate frisbee and my other extracurricular activities. Even the route we laid was my plan.

While most of those items are good and things we enjoyed as a family, there were still centered on me (though, if you asked Rebekah, she would tell you our lives and marriage have always been a partnership). So this year is all about Rebekah and the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to have fun and chase my passions this year. But the focus is on not on me. I don’t want to start off our trip with a couple months in Norfolk (fortunately, it is close to Virginia Beach). I don’t want to skip a bunch of cities in the Northeast. And I don’t want to spend a bunch of evenings with my wife at rehearsal. But this year is all about not me.

It’s Worth It

I’ve told Rebekah since we started dating (14 years ago) that her singing talent is greater than the sum of all my talents. I don’t have a small view of myself…the sum tends to be pretty high. So it is worth it. I can take a backseat for my wife to have a chance to do something she loves and is freaking good at. Please help me to keep perspective along the way. Taking a backseat is not natural for me, but is necessary for this year.

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